We use cookies to enhance our website for you. Proceed if you agree to this policy or learn more about it. Type of paper: Essay. This research paper contributes to the ongoing debate between African and Western scholars regarding the role played by Ancient African civilization played in the development of modern civilization.

As Dr. Arguably, the impression given by Western scholars that Africans made insignificant contribution to civilization, and that they are primitive, unfortunately, has become the basis for negative perception and prejudice against all people of African Origin. This essay, therefore, provides an overview of contribution of Africa to Western civilization.

In doing so, this essay will provide a brief overview African history beginning with the ancient Egyptian empire and continues to other African empires that came thereafter. This analysis leads to a conclusion that the modern world owes a lot to ancient African civilizations.

The Egyptian contribution towards the modern civilization cannot be overemphasized. Egypt had a long line of kings known as pharaohs who governed Egypt for the periods between B.

C and B. C Lefkowitz The rule by pharaohs featured the presence of governors of the provinces in which the kingdom was divided, ruling of royal court, and commanding army among others. Priests and priestesses attended to their gods and officiated at religious ceremonies, but all worked under pharaohs.

The Greeks brought Egyptian influence and education to the Western world. One notable Greek character who enunciated the Egyptian religion, culture and philosophical teachings was Pythagoras. He played a significant role in introducing Egyptian teaching to the Europeans. His teaching came from three main sources. The first comes from writings by one of his followers named Nicomachus, who illustrated the Pythagoras theory in a form closest to the original teachings by the Pythagorean brotherhood.

Second, Pythagorean ideas are evident in the works of great scholars like Plato, whose thoughts were influenced by Pythagoras. Finally, some understanding of the theory comes from other famous writers like Aristotle. The first people to develop the concept of the right angle, which formed the basis of Pythagorean Theorem, were Egyptians. This concept forms one of the fundamental teachings in the Egyptian mystery school. It reflects the design of Egyptian pyramids, which were built many centuries before the birth of Pythagoras.

Western scholars attributed the introduction of this concept and other similar ideas to Pythagoras. These concepts represent the understanding man and the order of nature.Dedicated to helping job seekers find work during the pandemic. Click here to read more. Customize this Resume. College Professor offering a wealth of talent in the development and implementation of educational technology tools and applications in the classroom.

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Ancient Civilizations

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Here are some items to ditch:. Eliminate the document title and use precious space for more vital information. Career objectives: Oh, so ancient! You can explain your reasons at the interview, if asked.

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The employer assumes you were recovering from illness, on sabbatical or waiting for another position. Cheat Sheet. Starting to Think about Your CV Get some paper and a pen or pencil, or grab your laptop and start making some notes for yourself before launching into writing your perfect CV Curriculum Vitae : Think about the type of job you want to nab.

Write your key skills such as IT, languages or academic achievements. Read through your rough draft several times and ditch awkward phrases. What to Leave Out of Your CV Your final CV needs to be concise, well-written and not hindered by long-winded phrases or excess content that slows the reader down and sabotages an otherwise competitive document.I am an anthropological archaeologist that specializes in the archaeology of religion and in ancient Mesoamerican civilizations.

My interests are in how ideologies are created, maintained, and changed over time and how they affect social processes and human decision-making. I see ideologies as important social catalysts because beliefs can lead to choices that have far-reaching, long-term, and sometimes catastrophic effects.

We witness events underpinned by strong ideologies and religious convictions being played out on the world stage today, and are all too familiar with their consequences, both destructive and beneficent. When studying the past archaeologists have the opportunity to view history from a long temporal perspective that bears witness to extended social and political processes and their ultimate outcomes. My own work on the ancient Maya illustrates the power of worldview in the light of history.

Three themes run through my work-- geographically situated field research in ancient Maya ritual caves sites, a broader interdisciplinary approach to understanding ritual and religion though comparative analyses and cognitive science, and how sacred space is conceptualized, created, used, maintained and changed over time. Most of my field research is conducted in ancient Maya ritual cave sites in Belize.

Graham Hancock - Ancient Civlizations

I often employ quantitative and scientific methods and am interested in new methodology and theory involving data recovery and interpretation of the archaeological record. I have developed field methods that have allowed me to generate new interpretations in Mesoamerican cave archaeology. These in turn have enabled me to address broad questions in Maya studies such how ancient Maya communities and political hierarchies are established and have allowed me to investigate the social processes that led to the classic Maya 9th century collapse.

I partner with cognitive scientists and environmental psychologists in research on caves as special, sacred, or liminal spaces.

Department of Classics

We examine the qualities of the cave environment such as darkness and enclosed conditions that set them apart from other geographic entities. We are interested in human perceptions of cave morphologies in how people navigate and perceive of these spaces. Skip to main content.Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans - Oh My! Y Students study the early civilizations that developed into empires in Central and South America. Grade 4. Includes information about ancient Greece, myths of Greece and the Olympic games.

Grades Learn about ancient Roma and its myths. Learn about the Incas. Based on recent archeological investigations. Find out about who a pharaoh was, read a story about battle and tribute, examine a wall relief from an ancient Egyptian temple, and identify ancient objects in 'Ask the experts'.

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type my ancient civilizations curriculum vitae

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Students interested in the classical civilization major do not need to have taken Latin or Greek in high school. Six courses in Latin or Greek. Of these courses, two must be in Greek and at least four must be at the intermediate or advanced level. A common approach appears below:. HN may count as one of these courses. Up to two departmentally-approved courses focusing on the ancient world that are not officially cross-listed in the classics department may count as classical civilization courses for the major.

The minor in classical civilization is a true interdisciplinary area studies program on a small scale.

type my ancient civilizations curriculum vitae

It offers the astute undergraduate a unique opportunity to fulfill a not insignificant number of core requirements language, English, history, fine arts while pursuing a major in his chosen field. Four courses in either Greek or Latin at least three of these courses shold generally be taken at Loyola. One classical civilization course ordinarily in ancient history i. A fifth language course at an advanced level may be substituted for a classical civilization requirement.

HN may be counted as one classical civilization course. Cross lists are courses in other departments which may count for the classical civilization major and minor. These courses fulfill English and history core requirements. CL and CL fulfill major requirements for fine arts majors with concentrations in art history, photography, or studio arts.

CL and CL are cross-listed with political science. These courses fulfill major requirements for political science majors. The following are cross-listed with philosophy. All may be used in fulfillment of major requirements in philosophy. Click here for a link to the catalog to learn more about any course listed above.

Joseph Walsh, Ph. Classical Civilization Major and Minor Classical civilization is a broadly interdisciplinary course of study for students who are interested in the ancient Greeks and Romans and the origins of western civilization, and who would profit from studying the history, literature, art, and culture of those ancient peoples.

Requirements Four courses in either Greek or Latin at least three of these courses shold generally be taken at Loyola. Cross Lists Cross lists are courses in other departments which may count for the classical civilization major and minor.